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Ward Leader Information

We are so grateful for our ward youth leaders!  Your role is very important to the success of this activity and we thank you for all you'll do over the upcoming months to make this an unforgettable experience for our youth! 

We will do our best to keep you informed with current information.  Please check this website often for updates

 and if you have any questions, please ask your Stake leaders. 

Ways that you can help prepare and support your youth:

  • Encourage and remind youth of upcoming Firesides and Activities.  The dates are listed here on the website & they are also on the Stake Calendar.

  • ALL young men and young women need to be fully trained on Indexing.  Please coordinate with Sister Cheryl Stucky (541-571-3663) who is our Stake Family History Consultant to plan training at your Wednesday night activities.  All youth need to know how to index independently.  These activities would also be a great time to invite parents to attend so they can help their youth as well!

  • Collect the Activity & Medical Release form from each of your youth and turn it in to your Stake leaders.  This form is due June 1st.  

  • With the help of your class presidencies, plan hikes and other recreational activities to help the youth get in shape for the walk to the temple.  We are walking about 18 miles and the youth need to be prepared!  

Check here often for more updates!

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