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Hermiston Stake Youth Trek Overview


Dates Wednesday, June 28th - Saturday, July 1st


Brief schedule:

Friday, June 23rd

         6:00 - 8:00 PM - Black Bag Drop-off at the Stake Center


Wednesday, June 28th

              7:00 AM – Youth dropped off at the Stake Center, dressed in their pioneer clothing

              8:00 AM – Leave for trekking site

            10:00 AM – Arrive at staging area

            11:00 AM – Begin trekking

               4:00 PM – 10:00 PM – Arrive at camp site, dinner, activities, bed.


Thursday, June 29th

               6:30 AM – 10:00 PM - Trekking and activities


Friday, June 30th

               6:30 AM – 10:00 PM - Trekking and activities


Saturday, July 1st

                6:30 AM – 1:00 PM – Trekking and activities

                1:00 PM – Arrive at Zion (Catherine Creek Campground) 

                2:00 PM – Leave for Home


Trek Location 7 Diamond Ranch (located between Ladd Canyon and Union, OR) and ending at Zion (Catherine Creek Campground)


Attending:  All Hermiston Stake youth who will turn twelve in the 2023 year are invited to attend. Persons desiring to participate and go on Trek, but are not members of the Hermiston Stake, will be required to abide by the rules and standards outlined in the “Rules of the Trail" and be approved by the Hermiston Stake Presidency (President Blake 541-571-3421). All participants must fill out the “Permission and Medical Release Form” and sign the “Rules of the Trail” document.


Cost of Trek $65 per youth due by April 1st.

Permission Form:  Every youth and adult participating in Trek MUST fill out the Permission and Medical Release From from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  You can download this from here:  PERMISSION FORM

Please turn the form into your ward leaders before April 1st.


Transportation:  The youth will need to be dropped off at the Hermiston Stake Center at 7:00 AM on June 28th. The Stake will provide transportation to the site (7 Diamond Ranch).  Each Ward will be responsible for transporting their youth home from Zion (Catherine Creek Girl’s Camp).   Ward leaders are responsible for transporting youth home on Saturday after Trek.


Trekking:  We will Trek approximately 25 miles over the course of four days. From the time we meet at the Stake Center, to the end of Trek, we will be organized in a manner similar to the original Handcart Companies.  Each youth will be assigned to a “Trek Family” consisting of a “Ma and Pa” (a couple called from the Stake), a “Big Brother” and/or “Big Sister” (older youth that will help lead the family), and 8-10 other youth. Trek Families will be organized into companies, with 5 families in each company. Each company will be assigned a Company Captain. We will be led and guided by a Trail Boss, members of the Stake Presidency and Ward Leaders. Each Trek Family will be assigned a handcart in which to haul family supplies and equipment. The youth will camp in companies and as families, with each family having 3 tents, one for girls, a separate tent for boys, and one for the Ma and Pa.


Delicious, nutritious meals and snacks will be provided. All meals will have a dairy and gluten free option.  Everyone participating in Trek will be wearing pioneer clothing. There will be plenty of time to socialize with everyone participating in Trek. There will also be organized activities such as, authentic pioneer dancing, pioneer sports and games, reenactments, lessons, and service. There will be time to reflect on the experiences of the day and keep a journal of remembrance. Water will always be available, and port-a-potties will be available at the campsites, as well as other designated spots along the trail. “Leave No Trace” camping principles will be applied.


Clothing:  Pioneer style clothing is required. This helps create a more authentic experience (and is fun).

        - Girls:  Cotton dresses or skirts no shorter than mid-calf; button up blouses with ¾ length or longer sleeves; apron with pockets; pantaloons that are gathered around the ankle for protection (or leggings); and a bonnet or wide-brimmed hat (no ball caps). No clothing with logos or unusual patterns.

         -Boys:  Loose fitting, cotton, plain colored pants (no jeans); long-sleeved, button-up shirts; and a wide brimmed hat. Suspenders are optional. No clothing with logos or unusual patterns.

          Shoes:  Well broken in hiking boots or athletic shoes are best.


*Please work with your ward leaders and Ma’s and Pa’s if you need help with clothing.  Goodwill, Deseret Industries, and other thrift stores are great places to buy clothes for Trek.


Equipment:  An individual equipment list can be found by clicking this link:  EQUIPMENT LIST  Please pay close attention to each item listed. Each trekker will be supplied with a 5-gallon bucket to store these personal items. The lids to these buckets can be fitted with a pad to sit on (done by the youth or as a ward activity), giving the buckets a dual purpose – suitcase and chair while on Trek. There will be no electronics allowed on Trek, such as cell phones, cameras, iPads, MP3 players, etc. There will be photographers assigned to take pictures during the entire trek, so your youth will be supplied with many pictures.


Health and Safety:  All youth and adult participants need to be in good health and fill out a Medical Release Form to participate.  Any special health needs will be considered and will be accommodated as best as possible.


All meals on Trek will have a dairy and gluten free option.  If your youth has any additional health accommodations due to food allergies, please fill out the Medical Statement.  It can be accessed by clicking this link:   MEDICAL STATEMENT FORM   The form needs turned into ward leaders before April 1st.


There will be trained medical professionals trekking the whole time, and support vehicles will accompany the Trek for emergency situations. Plenty of good food and water will be provided. Staying hydrated is very important and everyone will be encouraged to drink plenty of water. Full hydration prior to Trek is important. During the weeks before Trek, be sure to drink plenty of water.

Preparation Plan:  All Trek participants need to prepare physically, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. We encourage you to see the Preparation Plan section of this website for monthly suggested activities or tasks that will help you come closer to Christ as you prepare for the Trek. Each goal is up to the individual. You may have additional ideas for goals, but we ask that you prayerfully consider activities that will help you personally. The Lord has repeatedly given the counsel of being prepared. We believe if you honestly and prayerfully go to the Lord, set and achieve appropriate goals, and strive to do your best, the Lord will bless you in your efforts.

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